Who We Are

Marine surveys Africa is a services provider, created to support and attend to the needs of our clients.
Our highly talented and experienced team of Deck officers, Marine Engineers and Recognized Marine
Surveyors in West and Central Africa since 2015 have taken our activities to the next level over this small
but successful period of time.
We are the your eyes from millions of nautical miles away from your vessel and trust us when we say
your needs are well taken care of any time round the clock.
M.S.A started operating in Douala Cameroon and from time to time clients wanted us to act in nearby
ports like Owendo, Lagos, and Tema.
With this confidence entrusted in us by you, we decided why not have offices in these locations too.

we will save our clients some money and us travelling often.
So we want to say thank you to all the clients who motivated us in going forward and we are proud to
say we currently operate in 12 Countries in West and Central Africa and hope to go further in East Africa
with time.
We have a total of 15 principal surveyors acting on your behalf at least 1 in each country.
We provide other marine related services such as Cargo hold cleaning, spare parts delivery, Provision
supply, crew change, Garbage & sludge disposal and other activities you want us to assist with all
required is you NAME IT.


To be the company that best understands and satisfies your expectations,with world class services


Our mission is to serve our customers with the finest integrated package solutions and first-class customer service.


Our value are Integrity,Efficiency and Accountability to our Clients.


The key objective of our  services is to provide best value for money for maritime  operations of our clients.